Likely Upcoming Recruitments


Here are a few positions we expect to fill during 2017. These recruitments are not actively pursued, but if you feel that you are a perfect match, or know someone who is, please don’t hesitate to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – with the right person we might go ahead and hire anyway. 


Strategic Purchaser

As Excillum is broadening its portfolio of products it is time to hire a first individual focused on hands-on purchasing work. This involves working with our suppliers (and future suppliers) to make sure that the parts we need for primarily manufacturing, research and development arrive in time with high quality at the correct prize. We think you are a natural negotiator with extensive experience of contracts and legal aspects. A technical interest is a clear advantage.


Marketing Manager

We are looking for a communicative individual, both in words and images, with a creative mind and a profound technical interest. The task is to work hands-on with our communication channels such as web, newsletters, datasheets, application notes, exhibitions, etc. in order to improve our marketing message. You may also be involved in technical documentation such as manuals and potentially in applications for external R&D funding (e.g. EU funding). You are preferably a native English speaker since all our external communication is in English. We naturally also expect you to (if you don’t know already) quickly learn a lot about X-ray sources and their applications.


Electrical Engineer / High Voltage Specialist

X-ray sources are high-voltage products and require proper high-voltage design in vacuum to achieve stable operation as well as optimal integration of high-voltage power supplies, cables etc. As Excillum’s product portfolio is growing we face challenges in increased voltage as well as just integration of new high-voltage power supplies. We now believe that an expert in some branch of high-voltage engineering (preferably similar to what we do) could fill an important role on our research and development team.


X-ray Scientist

We are looking for a general X-ray scientist to join our research team. Your focus will primarily be on experimental work and especially hands on work with X-ray optics and X-ray detectors. You will initially work a lot with automation in terms of both data capture as well as mechanical alignment. We expect you to have a strong X-ray background and we would, e.g., not be surprised had you at some point worked at a synchrotron.


Medical X-ray Pathfinder

Excillum X-ray sources are today improving the performance of various analytical X-ray techniques as well as advanced imaging applications. However, the technology is still not applied to clinical medical X-ray, although it in principle would be suitable for this as well. Your role would be to pave the way towards clinical X-ray by deeply understanding the requirements for this market through e.g. close communication with future customers and users and thereby help guide research and development to develop the right technology.