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News about Excillum X-ray sources | Excillum


April, 2015

Stockholm, Sweden

Professor Frank Schaper shares his thoughts on the experience of an Excillum MetalJet equipped Bruker diffractometer in their lab.

"Six months after its installation, performance of the METALJET system has by far exceeded our expectations."

Read the full testimonial here.



January, 2015

Stockholm, Sweden


In issue 31 of Bruker's FIRST newsletter Ronald P Jordan, Dean of School of Pharmacy at Chapman University in California, gives his thoughts on their newly ordered Excillum  MetalJet X-ray source.




Nov 13, 2014

Stockholm, Sweden


Earlier this week Deloitte presented their report Sweden Technology Fast 50, where they rank the fastest growing technology companies in Sweden. Excillum was listed as the 14th fastest growing company in Sweden. 





July 11, 2014
Link to original press release, from Technische Universität München
X-ray phase-contrast imaging can provide high-quality images of objects with lower radiation dose. But until now these images have been hard to obtain and required special X-ray sources whose properties are typically only found at large particle accelerator facilities. Using a laboratory source with unprecedented brightness, scientists from the Technische Universität München (TUM), the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) and University College London (UCL) have demonstrated a new approach to get reliable phase contrast with an extremely simple setup.
  plastic-flower-imaged-with-excillum-metaljet-x-ray-tubeThe scientists used a plastic flower as microscopic object. (Picture: I. Zanette / TUM)

Press Release - Apr 02, 2014

Stockholm, Sweden


Yesterday evening, Excillum received two prestigious awards at a ceremony in Stockholm. Excillum was announced as one of the 33 most promising young technology companies in Sweden by the magazines Affärsvärlden and NyTeknik. This is the second consecutive year that Excillum receives this award. Excillum was furthermore named 'Diamond of the year' among the 33  companies, by the event sponsor Fouriertransform, a Swedish state-owned venture capital company that also awarded Excillum 100,000 SEK to spend on consulting services from their portfolio companies.



33-listan VINNARE

Press Release from Université de Montréal - Feb 13, 2014

Montréal, Canada


Excillums MetalJet Technology is being installed in a single-crystal X-ray diffractometer, at the Université de Montréal, during the end of February.  The installation is performed by our partner Bruker.



Press Release from Forschungszentrum Jülich - Nov 19, 2013

Jülich, Germany


Excillums MetalJet X-ray source was recently installed by our partner Bruker in a SAXS-system, at the Forschungszentrum Jülich, called GALAXI (Gallium Anode Low Angle X-ray Instrument). 



Press Release - Apr 17, 2013

Stockholm, Sweden


On an award ceremony in Stockholm yesterday evening, Excillum was announced one of Sweden’s 33 most promising young technology companies by the business magazine Affärsvärlden and the technology newspaper NyTeknik.


33 listan logo

Press Release - Mar 28, 2013

Stockholm, Sweden


Excillum AB today announced that the first MetalJet D2 microfocus X-ray tube with an increased acceleration voltage from 70 kV to 160 kV was successfully installed and commissioned at a customer’s facility during the week.


Excillum MetalJet D2 microfocus x-ray tube

Press Release - Feb 12, 2013

Stockholm, Sweden


Excillum AB, the Swedish manufacturer of the high brightness MetalJet microfocus X-ray tubes, today announced that Dr. Björn Hansson will take over as chief executive of Excillum effective March 1, 2013. Current CEO and co-founder Dr. Oscar Hemberg stays full-time with Excillum until August 2013 when he joins Excillum’s main development partner and sub system supplier in Asia, strengthening that collaboration. Dr. Hemberg will also remain on Excillum’s board.



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