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Laboratory and synchrotron tests of two-dimensional parabolic x-ray compound refractive lens made of single-crystal diamond

August 2016 – Proc. SPIE 9964, Advances in Laboratory-based X-Ray Sources, Optics, and Applications V, 99640J (September 16, 2016); doi:10.1117/12.2238798 - M. Polikarpov, A. Barannikov, D. Zverev, S. A. Terentiev, S. N. Polyakov, S. I. Zholudev, S. Y. Martyushov, V. N. Denisov, N. V. Kornilov, I. Snigireva, V. D. Blank, A. Snigirev


thumb Laboratory and synchrotron tests of two dimensional parabolic x ray compound refractive lens made of single crystal diamond  

A team from Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, FSBI TISNCM and the ESRF joined together to design, manufacture and evaluate two-dimensional parabolic compound refractive lenses made of single-crystal diamond. The evaluation was performed with the MetalJet D2 x-ray source from Excillum as well as at ID06 at ESRF. The combination of unique optical and thermal properties makes them well suited as optical elements at x-ray sources with high-heat flux. 

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