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Welcome to Excillum...

Welcome to Excillum

...and our home on the web. I hope that you will find whatever information you are looking for, and hopefully something useful that you didn't specifically look for. If you miss anything, please don't hesitate letting us know. One way is to press the feedback button here to the left.

Excillum is based in Kista, just outside central Stockholm, Sweden, and we are still a fairly small company. Even so we think we have gathered a very competent group of people and that we have a very promising technology -  the MetalJet microfocus x-ray source technology. In brief, this technology can generate roughly 10 times the x-ray flux of a conventional solid anode x-ray source from the same source area.


After years of development this source technology has been turned into a product range of stable and reliable microfocus x-ray sources. The number of products is initially small, but new versions with higher acceleration voltages and hopefully also further improved power-loading capabilities are under development.


Welcome to Excillum!
Björn Hansson, CEO