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Excillum has two key technologies that stand out in comparison to other x-ray source manufacturers. We are the only company offering the MetalJet anode technology, and we have developed advanced electron beam technology to be able to generate the high intensity e-beam spots that the MetalJet technology can support.



MetalJet X-Ray Source Technology


Liquid-metal-jet anode with electrons and x-rays  

The MetalJet x-ray tubes are conventional microfocus tubes with the solid-metal anode replaced by a liquid-metal jet. That type of anode is continuously regenerated and already in the molten stage. Thereby, the classical power limit of an x-ray source, when the anode is permanently damaged by the electron beam, no longer applies. Especially in the microfocus x-ray spot size range, from about 5 µm diameter to a few tens of µm, a source based on a liquid-metal-jet anode significantly outperform a classical solid anode x-ray source.


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Advanced Electron Beam Technology


x-ray tube electron optics  

The second technological cornerstone of Excillum is the high-brightness electron beam design that was developed to meet the power-loading capability of the metal-jet anode technology.


This design is very suitable for micro- and nanofocus x-ray tubes, but can also be applied to other technologies that require a high brightness electron beam.


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